TheAspenStand: Even An Old Dog Can Wear Cool Kicks

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Even An Old Dog Can Wear Cool Kicks

      As time grew closer to when I knew my custom designed and personalized classic PRO-Keds Royal Hi sneakers would soon arrive, all I could think of was the chorus of the song "Anticipation" by Carly Simon.

 ~ "Anticipation, anticipation. Is makin' me late. Is keepin' me waitin'." ~

     This old dog is going to get some strange looks when I wear them and a big ole smile into town but it will be even more fun when I say I designed and personalized them. 
   The shoe to the left is what I originally designed and has been in my store for a while.  I was ready to personalize them for myself.
     I was aware it would take an approximate month for production plus shipping when I ordered these Softer Side of Orange custom shoes.  I didn't really think about them too much until I received the email advising me that the shoes were in the shipping queue and I was able to track the FedEx package.
      Now that they have arrived and been scrutinized, I can totally recommend the custom orders.  The wait was definitely worth it. The picture above shows these vibrant yellow and orange "kicks" on my feet at home.  The picture below is as it is seen in my Zazzle store TheAspenStand with those same vibrant colors. There were no unexpected surprises.  They are what was described and as designed!  They even came in a white cinch bag labeled "PRO-KED Custom" which is a nice little touch if you give the shoes as a gift. 
     What's exceptionally nice about ordering Keds is that you can personalize the trim on the shoes.  You can see what they looked like above left and how I personalized them below.  I chose orange laces with black upper and lower midsole, black eyelets, toe cap and toe bumper.  I kept the orange upper and tongue binding.  My stitching is white and the lining yellow.  So if you order a pair you get to pick trim choices that appeal to you.
     How do they fit you ask?  The sizing chart was extremely accurate.  I ordered a size 5 which is equivalent to a 6.5 sized woman's shoe and they fit perfectly.  The whole experience of personalizing was fun and I'm ecstatic they are all that I expected.  
Softer Side of Orange kedsshoe
Softer Side of Orange by Exit178

      My only regret is that I have to wait on wearing them around the neighborhood until the ground dries up so I don't dirty them with red lava rock mud.  In the meantime, I'm wearing them around inside of the house just like a kid at Christmas.
     If you have any questions on how to customize these, please feel free to write me via my storefront.  To do that click HERE and you will see "Send A Message" in the left column of TheAspenStand front page above "Store Stats." 
     I would love to hear your thoughts or know what you think about this particular shoe design so please feel free to leave a comment here on the blog.


kirsten said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! when you said keds, i thought the little kick around shoes my girl friends wear that totally don't appeal to me. THESE rock!

Exit178 said...

Thanks so much. I get mixed reviews on wearing them, I think because of my age but who cares. I'm trying to keep them clean which is a challenge living out here in the "cinder" patch.