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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Delight For the Technically Averse

Terra Cotta Edged Flower Bouquet stationery

Terra Cotta Edged Flower Bouquet by Exit178

     It's been quite a while since I took actual pen to paper but there are still a lot of people who do it quite often.  I had those folks in mind when I designed this Terra Cotta Edge Flower Bouquet writing set. Here you'll see stationery, matching A2 envelope and the links to a sticker to seal and stamp to mail it. 
      This design began as a colorful flower bouquet of red and orange roses and yellow daisies.  I enjoy trying out new techniques to alter my photographs and was quite pleased with this one so I designed numerous products.  Products as the one's I previously mentioned would collectively or singularly make a great gift.
     If you plan now you might consider presenting some of these to a special teacher at the end of the school year.  You could coordinate it with several parents so it's a very reasonable cost.  A nice practice at Zazzle is that you can purchase different sheets and still earn a Stationery Volume Discount beginning at 25 sheets. 
     You'll find two stationery designs here.  The stationery sheet in the upper right has a diminished opacity use of the design and the sheet on the left has the design as a corner detail.  Both designs allow for personalizing by adding text in place of what is currently on the template. Although both have name text at the top and address information at the bottom, both can be easily changed or totally removed for an entirely blank sheet.  In my Zazzle store TheAspenStand you will find another sheet design where the bouquet is on the bottom right corner and allows for the same personalizing. 
Terra Cotta Edged Flower Bouquet envelope

Terra Cotta Edged Flower Bouquet by Exit178

     As I mentioned in the lead there are A2 sized envelopes using the same design. The one at right uses the entire design inside and outside.  The outside design is at a diminished capacity so as not to interfere with text.  The one below has the same inside design but only has the bouquet in the corner.

Terra Cotta Edged Flower Bouquet envelope

Click HERE to view in store.
     On this design, you can customize it by selecting a different envelope color (background color). When you visit the Terra Cotta Edged Flower Bouquet category in the store, you will also see that envelope with the bouquet in the lower right corner.  To round out a very nice gift package, click HERE see the Terra Cotta Edged Flower Bouquet postage stamp that complements the envelope.  The 1 1/2" round sticker which can be used to seal the envelope and an entire gift package can be found when you click HERE.
     Click HERE and you can find a multitude of other products with the Terra Cotta Edged Flower Bouquet design including greeting cards and aprons.
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