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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Save The Date Magnet

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     One of my favorite places to save important dates, notes and trivia is the "refrigerator door." It's obvious we are not the only people who do this because when walking into someone's home one can learn a lot about the residents by what is affixed to the fridge doors.
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     So what a great idea to send out magnets as "Save the Date" reminders for the big day.  The recipient has a beautiful in your face, get your act together reminder to get prepared for that date.
     I was fairly sure June has been the most popular wedding month over the years, thus the title "June Bride" but I've read that the other summer months and October and May are also very popular.
     This means we are at the leading edge of the May and June dates for this year but have a good head start for the later summer months and well prepared for next year.
     Since "Save The Date" magnets are something that would normally be ordered in bulk the great news is that we have volume discounts.  And additionally good to know is that
Lighted Heart magnet
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you don't have to buy multiples of the same magnet to receive a quantity discount.I have listed the quantities and discounts available.     
     So with volume discount and the ability to order different magnets, you can purchase a quantity needed from each of the three designs to make your entire total. 
Quantity Discount
10 - 49 magnets 17% off
50 - 99 magnets 29% off
100+ magnets 36% off

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