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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Popular Posts Widget

     I really like how the "Popular Posts" widget works on Blogger.  You can see it in the right panel here on TheAspenStand under my first Zazzle product panel; however, I've noticed a technical issue with it that I can't figure out. 
     I visited someone's blog where I noticed she has the widget and it displayed thumbnail pictures next to the title.  Scratching my head, I couldn't remember any images ever showing on my widget panel.  I returned here and checked the widget options to see that "images" was indeed checked so I should see them.  Looking at the panel I noticed that two recently posted images one from my computer and one from my stock photo portfolio at 123rf were showing with the title but the one from a Zazzle product isn't.  So now I figure that all the past posts on the widget not displaying images must have something to do with the Zazzle link we use.
     Since I'm no technical wizard, I was wondering if anyone has noticed this and figured out how to post the Zazzle product so it later shows in the "Popular Posts" widget.  In the meantime, I'll try a few ideas but the only way I'll know if it works is if that post becomes popular.  More when I learn something.

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