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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Personalized Keepsake

     I've been trying to punch my way out of the creativity closet I see myself in. So I was a bit excited when I had a thought after designing this ornament. Do you sometimes wish you could give a memento on a very special occasion that's effect will last well beyond that initial giving? 

     If you said yes, I have an idea.  When I originally placed this computer generated lighted heart fractal design on this ceramic ornament, I was thinking ~Valentines Day~ gift.   Who says hearts are only for Valentine's Day? Don't you think Mom, Sis or a friend would love one on Mother's Day, a birthday, anniversary or whenever you might think appropriate.  

Attach the ornament to a perishable item such as a bouquet of flowers or box of candy and when those items are gone the ceramic ornament remains as a special remembrance.  Attach the ornament to the bouquet of  bridesmaids or a maid of honor as a keepsake and thank you for their participation in that special day.

Heart Shaped Lighted Heart ornament
Click on the image above to see your customizing options in the store.

     How about a "Thinking of You" or "Missing You" gift.  No special date, no special occasion just a thoughtful gift with special words on the back. 

     On the back, if you'd like, personalize the ornament with a special quote, verse or poem and even add the date of that special occasion.  

     With it's golden string the recipient can hang this lovely keepsake from a window suction cup, attach it to a lamp chain or somewhere you might suggest when you gift it.

     People have told me that my personally made gifts are the most cherished so think about giving such a revered gift that you can personalize for that very special occasion.
     I hope these ideas were helpful and please leave a comment here because I'd love to hear your creative thoughts.

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