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Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a Lab's Life!

     I can here my mother's voice asking, "You can't leave well enough alone can ya?" She's no longer here to say it personally but I'm smiling because I know she would have.
     My niece shared a photograph on Facebook that she had digitally altered of our Chocolate Labrador Retriever.  He was laying with the colorful gift he drools over, "tennis balls."  He will wear himself ragged chasing tennis balls and although I don't know for sure that is what he's dreaming of when his feet are flapping while he sleeps, I have to think he's chasing tennis balls.
     Of course, "I couldn't leave well enough alone" and made a few alterations to the photo myself.  So I removed the background clutter in the photo (my niece and I) to give it a bit of a dreamy touch.  Thus we have a "dog tired" happy lab.

Life Is All About the Tennis Balls

chocolate lab, digital photograph, tennis balls, black and white, close-up, tongue,
Original photo courtesy of  "my talented niece" Kathy Zullo


Krystal said...

That ones awesome! I'd be putting that on Zazzle :) So cute.

Exit178 said...

Thanks Krystal. I have to give credit to my niece for sharing that one on Facebook. I just had fun altering the background and adding a little color to the tongue.

baja2395 said...

you know what's funny? I added the color but his tongue almost looked fake with how pink it really was that I removed it. haha Great minds think alike what can I say. ;)

Exit178 said...

Yea, I thought he needed a touch of pink...hehehe. You can tell he was sucking air with his ears plastered to his head and the drool spots on the deck...;-0

parrow1978 said...

This is awesome, excellent job!

Exit178 said...

Thanks Parrow. I smile every time I look at this photo.