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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Inspiration Question

     A question I often see posted on forums or in interviews asks from where one's inspiration comes. Sometimes the question refers to a specific picture, illustration or graphic while other times it refers to all that the artist or photographer produces.
     I am sometimes surprised reading answers to that question but I thoroughly understand that inspiration is unique to each of us.  So as I was recently looking through my Dreamstime stock photo portfolio I remembered the inspiration behind this very simple design that struck my fancy.
     This photo was the result of a totally different project with a heart shaped puzzle, poster paints and textured paper that was used to keep me from making a mess.  When I moved the heart puzzle from the spot on the textured paper the above image is what I saw.
   I like the simplicity of the design, the dry brushed outline and in some spots the hint of the textured paper along the dry brushed red poster paint.  Since I liked the outcome of that complete coincidence I photographed it then decided to use the photo multiple times in a design (to the left) which is also in my Dreamstime stock photo portfolio.
     I plan to use both images in some upcoming Zazzle products so be sure to visit my store TheAspenStand to see the results.  In the meantime, if you are looking for an eclectic collection of photographs and digital artwork, I would love to have to take a look at any of my stock photo portfolios at the stock photography sites listed in the upper left column of the blog.
      It's always informative and inspiring to receive comments on my photography, artwork and blog posts so let me know what you think.


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