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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creativity Lapse

Don't get discouraged if you feel you've lost your creativity.  The busy lead-up to the Christmas season has proved to me that a little bit of distraction just might get you back on track.

Was it all the pre-Christmas sales I tried to promote? Was it my unorganized chaos trying to promote, design and maintain a normal life.  I don't think I'll ever know, but what I do know is that "I was flat!"  I had nothing creative emoting from my sizzling mind!

But, I didn't panic when nothing seemed to creativity click for designs on some of Zazzle's newest products like the premium necklaces and key rings.  Nothing creative was sparked even as I was very excited that the new products offered the opportunity to use square designs which don't always look good on other products.  Many of my fellow Zazzle® Users Group forum members were publishing wonderful designs on the new offerings.  And there I sat with NOTHING!

So I decided to "step away" so to speak. I began to formulate and document my 2011 goals. I viewed other people's products and promoted them on TAS Shadow at Posterous.  I reviewed, reorganized and revised tags, titles and descriptions on my published products.  All this was progress I had long neglected and I knew just as other times when this creative lapse happened something would spark and I'd be creating again.

In the meantime, a customer purchased labels with one of my first fractal designs.  I realized that this design wasn't on any of my iPhone 3G / 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPad Speck® hard cases.  Nice, this was my first idea but it still wasn't for the new products. Thus idea #1 below.

Lacy Flower Fractal speckcase
Lacy Flower Fractal by Exit178
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As I was searching for that design, I noticed another fractal design that I hadn't used in the particular form I was currently viewing it (I had used it as part of other designs) and I thought it would look wonderful with a little more digital artwork. So off I went to create the additional artwork for the design which was a nice distraction. Nice, this was my second idea but it still wasn't for the new products. Thus idea #2 below.

As I was looking forward and continued working on my 2011 goals, I realized it was time to freshen up the Valentine's Day products and BAM, CRASH, SMACK in the face I got my third idea. Hearts! This idea would begin my production of designs for the new premium necklaces and key rings.  And the nice part of this idea is that I can use design elements that I have used on other products which will work wonderfully alone or combined with some other design elements. Thus one of the many designs below that will come from idea #3.

It may have taken a little less than a week but seems to be the very break I needed. I'm now adding to a list of ideas that will keep me busy for some time.  So if you hit a creative brick wall, I suggest you go off and begin working on projects you may have been neglecting, don't panic and you might just find that creativity come back with a vengeance.


Krystal said...

That's good you've been getting your creativity back! Mine still wants to take a vacation. LOL.

Exit178 said...

Thanks, I have a good start on new designs but my Internet connection and various normal life occurrences are keeping me from getting much put onto Zazzle. I'll get them up eventually.