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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brotherly Love

This little tabby, named Camber, was the best thing that happened to Weaver, the black cat. You see Weaver was found hours old, lying in a construction site in 110 degree heat abandoned by it's mother. We took him in and amazingly were able to nurse him back to health.

As time went on and Weaver wasn't up and about like a normal kitten, our vet said the mother was probably feral and passed on  a disease which manifested itself in Weaver as Cerebellar Hyperplasia. The mother probably left the kitten knowing something was wrong. He has problems walking straight and wobbles a bit while sitting but he is a lover none the less and acts like there's nothing wrong. Our other two cats were too independent and didn't play with him so we two-legged friends gave him all the attention we could.

We never thought he'd jump up on furniture so the day he did, at about 2 1/2 years old,  we were like parents watching their child take it's first steps. Weaver is now 5 years old and our Maine Coon didn't come home one spring day so after a few months we decided to start looking for another cat.

Camber is, of course, an adoption. PetSmart kennels adoptions for the Coconino Humane Association in Flagstaff and since I'm in there quite often I always look.  Camber had been adopted and returned for apparently being afraid of family members. We had no problem socializing him with our two dogs and Weaver took to him like a child with a new "stuffed toy." We are delighted that they play and share sleeping space together. As a matter of fact, the dogs and cats all share the couch.

Weaver's great joy seems to be keeping his brother clean and Camber seems to love every minute of it as you can see in the photo below.

Just another reminder that adopting an animal can bring joy to you, that special animal and maybe other animals in your home.
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