TheAspenStand: If Only He Could Talk!

Friday, December 3, 2010

If Only He Could Talk!

Some days I just can't help but laugh when I look at one of my house full of cats and dogs. Lounging on the couch, our chocolate Labrador Retriever is totally ignoring the fact that I've been paying attention to him and then he gives me this often seen look.


Krystal said...

He's so cute!! So many emotions just in one single look! I love dogs - wish I could have one but our place we're in allows dogs that are 20 pounds or less full grown and only 2 max. We already have our handful in cats ;) I love labs though, they're the best.

Thanks for your response about micro-stock. I learned a lot doing it, but I wasn't able to get a lot of photos approved. It was kind of disheartening when I knew my work was worth it. My biggest issue was 5 months, 10 micro-stock sites, I only technically made $1 in sales. Zazzle I've been on 5 months and have had 20 sales. The biggest reason I stopped was when I saw someone I knew from micro-stock had one their photos on a mouse-pad in Office Depot and came to the realization they're making $8 on each mouse-pad they sale when she probably didn't get that much for it. I found so much more value in my photos then. That's why I quit micro-stock and went to Zazzle - more appreciation for what I do.

Exit178 said...

Wish we could have more dogs too but the bed isn't big enough...haha. You hit the dilemma many people have about submitting to stock photography sites. I'm glad you're seeing at Zazzle. Keep up the good work.

Standoutloud said...

Great shot. I used to have a golden lab. Silly thing was a giant puppy right up till the day he died of old age.

I am wondering if your lab has claimed that couch as its own ? It certainly is his color.

Exit178 said...

I believe he'll always be a puppy as well. He loves any stuffed chair he can fit onto. That couch is large enough for him, the border collie mix, me and the three cats...hahaha. And he thinks he's a lap dog so if the entire couch is empty he still tries to sit on my lap.