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Friday, November 12, 2010

Using the Lines

     In most cases, I don't mind crawling around, getting dirty, wet or cold to get a photo.   In this case my love of Quaking Aspens definitely came into play making it a must do photograph.  The boulders caught my attention first but I quickly saw the lines I wanted to use in composing the photo.   
     I actually had to scramble down more than I thought to get a good angle looking up.  I wanted use the hillside and camera together since "vertical lines can be used very effectively by swapping the way you hold your camera into a vertical framing."
     Once I climbed down and started looking up along the hillside I noticed all the trees to the right were leaning left. Since I was shooting looking up, the trees tapered off toward the top plus the I used a wide-angle lens making the whole scene a bit more dramatic.  So even though I made an attempt to keep the vertical lines in line it wasn't completely possible with the leaning trees.
     Check out the Digital Photography School article Using Vertical Lines In Photography from which I took the quote above about holding the camera vertically.
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