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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photograph and Product Selection

    In a previous post, What Text is Appropriate,  I talked about selecting appropriate text on Zazzle products where the text speaks in conjunction with the image and not for the image.
   Another issue I seriously consider is what Zazzle products are appropriate for a particular photograph.  Some photos may look good on a number of the offered products but jamming a photograph on a product that doesn't seem to fit the product shape makes no sense to me.  In some cases, I have used some alternative methods.
    I'm not saying some photographs, depending on what it is, don't look good on buttons or round magnets because I have many that do.  Take the example below where I cut out the background and this guinea pig cutie and it fits on a lot more products.
    I have other images where I've added a frame or rough edged background to make the photographappealing on a particular product.  This is a sunflower photograph where I removed the background put three separate flowers together and added a background that wasn't going to be square on the t-shirt.
    It's images like the ones below that fit and look good on products which support that shape.  I can't image trying to put these images on a sticker but I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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