TheAspenStand: Cute Guinea Pig

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cute Guinea Pig

Recently sold this cute guinea pig photograph on a customized t-shirt


  1. Congrats on the shirt sale...was this the first sale on Zazzle?

  2. Thanks Kevin. I set up my store last June and sold items within 2-3 weeks. Happy it's been slow and steady ever since. Hoping all my recent attempts at marketing will boost sales a bit. But I must admit "I'm Addicted."

  3. Maybe I should look into it, but images like the one above that you have Rock :-)

  4. Thanks for the picture compliment. You'll have no problem with Zazzle. I love working on photo editing so it's all fun. Start perusing the Zazzle forum before signing up and opening your store because people are extremely helpful. The name you sign up with is the one you're stuck with...thus Exit178...but it's kind of a fun handle. I got that when I made stamps three years ago and signed up with that ID. ;-D You can name your store whatever you want.


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