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Friday, January 29, 2010

Old Dog Learning New Tricks

I wanted to continue from the previous post about my start in stock photography. I knew it going to require on-going work and a lot more education if I was going to move into the digital stage having had a bit of experience with film. So along with learning about digital photography and improving my captures I had to become familiar with the editing process.

I find it quite captivating when using photo editing programs where I can sometimes see incredible changes depending on what I’m attempting to manipulate. I don’t use editing to make up for sloppy photography but it sure can make up for some minor mistakes. And it has also offered the opportunity to have great fun with some images. Sometimes I get too absorbed and have to reroute myself back to reality.

Editing reminds me of my curiosity in manipulating and watching changes on paper in a black and white darkroom. I know the photography purists would disagree with me but I find the digital editing much more fascinating.

In an attempt to stay current, it's been imperative to learn techniques, terms and issues related to stock photography and a multitude of computer related technical issues. Something as simple as learning how to post images in a variety of forums was all new and exciting (I can see some of you rolling your eyes…that's okay). During all this I purchased a digital SLR, moving up from the so called “point and shoot” camera I’d been using and the learning curve got steep.

As I was reading photography forums, blogs, books, articles and watching videos the term “fractals” drew my attention. So while still busy with photography,I began my exploit into this magical form of digital art. I followed the same educational process as with stock photography so I could learn to produce fractals and with additional help from some wonderful people in forums, I began producing fractal art and submitting to stock photo sites that accepted such work.

I will forever consider myself an amateur in both photography and digital art because there is always something new to learn and it’s all about the continuing education for me.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I suggest to anyone, especially older individuals with interests in photography or digital art, that you read, learn, practice but have fun along the way. It’s keeping me active, involved and fairly well attuned to technology. This can keep me busy every waking hour if I let it.

I still get a thrill upon seeing every purchase because I know someone appreciated my work so here is one of my recently purchased fractal designs

In an upcoming post, I'll talk about how the photography and digital art got me into selling products on Zazzle

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