Monday, October 5, 2009

No post last week you say? Well yes that's quite right.

I was so excited that I would be writing about my new Olympus Stylus Tough 8000. But alas, the rural customer meets Big City delivery. Definitely my misunderstanding of the meaning of FedEx "smartpost" and ordering online rather than calling in the order.

You see we live where the US Postal service doesn't deliver so we have a Post Office box. UPS and FedEx deliver to physical address locations but somewhere in the online translation FedEx was delivering a "smartpost." So I have learned that a "smartpost" is where FedEx delivers to a PO Box...okay you say so what...when ordering online at Adorama it won't allow both the physical and box address for delivery.

So when FedEx delivered the box to the PO the postal worker can't accept it because it has a physical address on it. So "bye bye" there went my camera back to NY. A couple of quick calls to FedEx then to Adorama and I was much smarter.

Long story short when I called Adorama Customer Service, the representative quickly and pleasantly handled it and once my package returns there, it will make another round-trip via UPS to my physical address.

So I learned that I must talk to a human when ordering from Adorama and living in the beautiful wilds of America you learn patience with everything. So next week we'll see if I can post about the new toy. Tell you the purpose of the purchase much later so I can keep you coming back to read.

Make it your week because I'm making it mine.

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