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Thursday, October 29, 2009

It Arrived

After a bit of confusion and a stand-up up job at Adorama support, I have my new Olympus Stylus Tough-8000. First thing I had to do was READ THE MANUAL. There are so many options for me to understand before I start taking "real" pictures. So I read, take a few test shots and go back to the manual.

I have already learned one very valuable lesson. Since I've been using a DSLR my fingers really don't get in the way of anything...well they do on this slim little gem. I have already put a finger in front of the flash and the lens. Now that makes for great photos...hahaha.

The memory card MASD-1 only holds 14 images at 12MP so I'll have to purchase a larger card. Of course, I have the option of shooting at a small size too. I don't understand why they call this card a microSD's a memory card to me.

I have six months to get a real good understanding of this little handful so I know how long a battery will last and to purchase a larger memory card or two. Yes, six months. This is going with us on a very exciting trip in June (more later) so I want to make sure I'm very familiar with the camera and I don't miss a thing.

So I'm off to continue READING THE MANUAL and getting comfortable with the size my purchase. Make it a wonderful week!

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