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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dreamstime To Clean Database

Posted in the Dreamstime Forum by Achilles
(I found it by following Dreamstime on Twitter.)

"We've been receiving suggestions from many contributors about a database cleaning. Since 2007 Dreamstime has the largest growth in the industry. Although our submission procedure allows us to retrieve only the best content, there are still images that simply don't sell. The selection criteria increased significantly and the quality of recent imagery has significant improvements from one week to the next. It's time for a clean-up.

We plan to select all images that are older than 3 or 4 years old and had no sales. Each contributor who has such images will receive an email upon the initial selection.

The files will still be available for sale for one more month. During this month, the contributor will have to decide whether he wants to donate the image to the free section, re-keyword it via keymasters or simply disable it.

If the image is donated, the exposure received may increase his commercial sales. This was debated many times, so please check the forums for more details. We expect a few thousand to be donated to the free section which will strengthen our community overall.

If the image is keyworded (only via keymasters), it will be removed from this area and its date reseted. A good image may be saved by different keywords. Considering this is a paid option, the contributor will have to consider well which of the files truly have potential.

This procedure should clean the database. Common subjects will see many files removed, allowing new&better submissions to take their place.

As always, your feedback is welcome."

I started in August 2007 so my "non sales" are safe for a while longer. But when they contact me, I'll choose to disable mine. Though, I'll be sad to see one's like the above image go.

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