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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Been Zazzling

I'm finally sitting down to write this weeks post. Ooopps, it's more than a bit late. Where have I been you ask? I have been Zazzling...Of course there are also the other chores I need to get done too.

I have been up past midnight (by choice) and awake way before the crack of dawn (by choice) so I can create products for my Zazzle store TheAspenStand.

I have so many ideas clogging up my head that I have reverted to writing it all down. The list is growing faster than I can design products. I've got lots of photos and artwork to keep me going for a long time.

It's funny how I begin with one idea and it blossoms into many more. I'm using my photography on some products and my fractal artwork on others. I'm getting quite familiar with all the great features and customizing in Photoshop. You'll see how much fun I'm having if you visit the store. I've found it very addicting. So I'm sharing a Halloween greeting card which is one of my latest creations.

As usual, the learning curve (technically) is steep and I've had to redo some items after I read a whole lot of helpful posts on the Zazzle Forum. What a helpful group of people...just like the folks at The LooneyBin Forum. So I'm off for another week. I'd love for you to check out the store and give me your $.02.

Until next week.

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