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Monday, August 17, 2009

Isolated Over White

Over at The Looney Bin forum we’ve been discussing budget white backgrounds and do-it-yourself background stands. Some of us have been trying different materials for background options in order to get it right. Once again I’m not surprised at the creative ideas shared by others.

I did notice that the word “isolated” is described differently by stock photo sites and by people. Some believe minimal shadows are okay and some don’t want shadows when an image is identified as isolated. Some background material, a sheet in my case, just didn't work very well and required post processing.

I began shooting objects on a white paper background outdoors. I wasn’t pleased with the results and somehow ended up inside next to a sheer window curtain. Some of those images came out well but I knew this wasn’t the answer even though I was on a budget.

The image of the straw hat above from my Shutterstock portfolio is one of several images I shot using a piece of vinyl recommended by Eric Cote

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