TheAspenStand: Interconnectivity

Monday, August 3, 2009


Since I had just put up my first blog post here, I was surprised to receive a site mail at iStockphoto with the subject "how I found you." Not that the site mail had anything to do with my first blog post here but it did reinforce to me the power of Internet searches.

The site mail was from Don Poole (poolegrafix) explaining how he found me through a Google search for “istockphoto and Zazzle.” He got a hit for The Looney Bin forum of which he was unfamiliar. He tried to find a Zazzle reference in the forum which was unsuccessful yet while searching the forum, he saw the post referencing my first ever “extended license” sale that was at iStockphoto. Of course, I shared Don’s email on The LooneyBin to show that our posts do get seen and brought traffic to the forum. To say I’m amazed at how much is now interconnected through the Internet is an understatement.

So since Don mentioned my “extended license” sale at iStockphoto, I figured this was as good a place and time as any to share that image.

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