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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fractal Design

So I was encountering "writer"s block" in preparing for my weekly update when I scrolled through the images I submitted to Veer Marketplace and viewed the fractals.

I'd seen the word "fractal" in the key wording of some extraordinary illustrations when I first began submitting images to stock photo sites a little over two years, it's been that long ago. As folks from TheLooneyBin forum know, I'm not one who sells a lot of images. I'm more a sponge soaking up information from those who are willing to share and who are doing well. Then I go out and practice what they've shared.

About six months after my images were getting accepted on stock sites, I learned how to render fractals from some kind people who shared a bit of their knowledge. I use Apophysis to render my fractals and have sold quite a few of these. I also like to do some manipulation of the render in Photo Shop Elements when the design offers an opportunity.

Of course, I've headlined this post with my "lighted heart over black" which is my favorite and best selling fractal.


Living Life Photography said...

Love it! Actually, fractals are my weakness. I really admire people who can do them. I have tried Apophysis, and have had a few decent renders. But I still haven't quite gotten the hang of it. I can play around in APO and get some nice creations, but I lose it somewhere in the rendering process. There are a TON of tuts out there, but I have yet to find one that is simple enough to really understand and be able to do. Great job, Patricia!

Living Life Photography said...

Have you had much luck with Veer? I signed up back in the beginning, but the process is a little confusing to me. To be honest, the site is difficult to navigate from a stock image point of view, at least to me. Would love to figure it out and start uploading there, too.

Living Life Photography said...

One last comment ... I don't see a link here for your Veer Marketplace portfolio. Can you share that? Would love to take a look.