Thursday, March 21, 2019

Send Mom a Personalized Photo Card this Mother's Day

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Don't wait until the last minute to run out for a store bought card for mom. Check out my post to order it online with a custom message and personalized photo.

A year ago close to Mother's Day I posted about gift ideas which could be presented year-round. Since there are a variety of ideas you should check out that link to see what might be a good gift for your mom, grandmother, or a special woman in your life year-round.

In this post, I sharing some great customizable Mother's Day cards. Zazzle sells a variety of stationery type items to include announcement cards, invitations, postcards, stationery and much more. All these items are offered with designs by creative designers like me who sell online and make it easy for you to personalize.

This year I've been working on adding Mother's Day cards to my holiday categories. I only had a few older designs but these new creations allow you to really add a personal touch.

Zazzle greeting cards are available in matte and glossy finishes. You can order in greeting card size 5" x 7" and 4" x 5.6" note card size. On each greeting card link, you will also notice that you can order with or without an envelope which will save you $.15.

All the cards I share here have a glitter background since it's quite popular on a lot of things these days. These Mother's Day card designs are quite simple with the focus on customers personalizing them. You can change or remove the front and inside greeting right on the page.

Each of these card designs offers a placeholder photograph that you easily replace with a cherished photograph mom will like. The placeholder photo option is listed at the bottom of the Personalize button. You'll see the option to Change the placeholder photo that is there. A square photo or a horizontal photograph with the subject(s) centered in it will work best. Test out several photos to see how each one looks before ordering.

These Mother's Day glitter designs are offered in the store with a pink, purple and gold, coral, or purple/lavender background.

This next card is similar to the above design but with a floral theme and a simple border. On this card, you can also replace the photograph with a cherished family image or leave the floral that is on it. This too is available in four total glitter background colors with color matching flower placeholder photographs.

And if you might need something totally different, here's an idea. Some folks might want to spread the love to a pet owner. Not to worry because I designed several cards for a "fur momma" too. The cards below offer adorable animal placeholder photographs that you can change with mom's cherished pet or keep them just as they are. You also get to personalize the cover and inside text. 

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Mother's Day Purple Glitter Sparkles Photo Cat Mom Card

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Zazzle has thousands of Mother's Day card designs so you can cruise into the marketplace from one of the card designs here.

Let me know your thoughts on the post and designs. If I can be of any help please leave a comment or contact me via 

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Change Up Room Design With Spring Inspired Colors

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Whether you live in an area where you enjoy four seasons or warmer weather year round, spring is still a mark in time of rebirth. Animals are coming out of hibernation and in a way folks with winter chills do the same. Spring brings in a regrowth as colors change with the new blooming world.

Do you like to make interior design color changes throughout the year as the seasons change? This post offers some colorful flower ideas starting at the entryway through to the interior. Color changes are nice to roll in the brighter days of spring. Some people love to change room decor with little changes such as wall art, throw pillows, or special items. 

Start your color change at the door with this colorful red Anthurium door mat. Zazzle door mats are available in 18" x 24" and 24" x 26" sizes.

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Stretched canvas is a nice lightweight, frameless touch to any wall. They can be moved to different rooms or stored for use during other seasons. This stretched canvas photograph of orange and yellow tulips is a way to add color and a focal point on a wall. 

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Vibrant Orange Tulip Photograph Canvas Print

If you want to add a spot of light in a room but worry about leaving lighted candles in an unsupervised area such as a bathroom, here's a safe alternative to bring in the spring colors.

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Vibrant Orange Tulip Flower Petals Close-Up Photo Flameless Candle

Morning sidelight on this giant Sunflower photograph added to a light switch wall plate is a simple yet unique way to add a different element to a room.

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Sunflower In Warm Light Close-Up Photograph Light Switch Cover

A popular way to change colors is to toss throw pillows on chairs, couches or even the floor. This beautiful Tiger Lily is a simple color change to bring spring indoors. 

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Beautiful Tiger Lily Flower Close-Up Photograph Throw Pillow

What interior design changes do you make to usher in a new season of colors?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

5 Recommendations to Help in Planning the Family Reunion

Family is so important to our blossoming lives that a reunion for some is a great way to get everyone together annually or after many years. The task of planning might seem quite daunting whether it's for a small group or a family celebration with hundreds of people.

Starting with finding and scheduling a location well ahead of time is important if the gathering is not going to take place at someone's home. Getting the word our with at least a date for the upcoming event is valuable to reaching more people for the reunion. Early notification is where a "Save The Date" message like the one below can help. You'll find multiple color and design variations of this Save The Date design. You are even saving on postage with a postcard design like this.

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Once you get closer to the actual family reunion, an invitation with more details than the "Save The Date" is an option rather than calling or emailing. The invitation can be as simple or detailed as you want. When you check out this design at the link you can fill in the template fields to see how your details look. 
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Modern Family Reunion Orange Flowering Black Tree Invitation

You can go all out and have picnic or party supplies like paper plates and napkins celebrating the special occasion like you'll find in the Modern Purple Tree Family Reunion Collection with the napkin design.

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Paper name tags are ready to be filled in so no one is embarrassed by forgetting who THAT relative is that's talking to you. On this particular design, you will see a color combination visual like below to view right on the page when you select one of the color combinations. Hit the link to check it out.

name tag, label, family reunion, party, hello, modern, green, family tree,

You certainly want to have some type of mementos recognizing the occasion especially if it's not an annual event. Mementos can be as simple as key chains with the details to fun tee shirts. These shot glasses are also a keepsake that will last for years.

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If you or someone you know is getting ready to begin planning a family reunion, bookmark this post or "Pin It" for easy retrieval later.

If you have ever planned a family reunion, I would love to read your most valuable lesson or lessons. Leave a comment to let me know if you would like to see products with one of the other color designs.