Wednesday, July 24, 2019

"Orange" You Glad I Can Help With Finding Special Gift Ideas

What does the color orange do for you?

My question is based on one particular phone case design that has sold on a variety of Apple and Samsung phone styles. The sale of that particular design made me wonder about the color orange. I thought it was popular because it is a close-up photograph of Tulips and flowers are popular on designs.

I then considered the effects of colors and did some reading. According to a variety of information I found on color psychology and meaning, the color orange is considered to be uplifting and to bring happiness. It helps us look on the upside of things even when a situation isn't so upbeat.

Considered a color of adventure and social communication, I went through some of my nearly 1200 shades of orange designs so look for that. So here are just a few if you have a quest to emit the happy, adventurous, social communicator.

As I mentioned, flowers are always a popular subject so I couldn't write this post without offering at least one floral design other than the yellowed tipped orange Tulip phone case which recently sold for an Apple style phone. So here is a Tiger Lily square throw pillow design with the flowers and text on both sides of the pillow. A great design for adding color to any room. At the Tiger Lily link in TheAspenStand you'll find several versions of this floral pillow and other products including cards and jigsaw puzzles.

Tiger Lily Close-Up Photograph and Typography Throw Pillow

You won't find too many people who don't love a good treat of chocolate. This multilingual thank you design on the cover offers a treat inside. You can order the 45-piece assortment as shown below or you can order a 2 pound block of dark or light chocolate. There are different messages offered on the chocolate so be sure to select the appropriate one for you. You'll find a variety of products features this purple and orange thank you typography design in the store. 

Thoughtful Multilingual Thank You Typography 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates

Thoughtful Multilingual Thank You Typography 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates

Zazzle offers a variety of notebooks. This particular 8.5" square notebook allows you to select a particular paper design inside from eight total layouts. The same design is on the front and back and the text is a template that you can change on both sides. You can then select a totally different style inside too so it doesn't have to only be for recipes. 

Oranges and Lime Close-Up Photograph Notebook

Oranges and Lime Close-Up Photograph Notebook

Keep the kids clean during fun times for kids at home, in preschool, daycare or even kindergarten with cute custom aprons. Both text elements are templates for you to personalize. The aprons are available in three colors too.  

Custom Daycare Fun Orange Scrap Paper Pins Art Kids' Apron

Custom Daycare Fun Orange Scrap Paper Pins Art Kids' Apron

Spice up the fun at a kids party with colorful sunglass frames. I added my colorful confetti toss artwork to the lenses which have a scratch resistant, waterproof, pinhole vinyl. The frames are available in three styles and nine colors.

Party Time Colorful Confetti Toss Artwork Kids Sunglasses

Party Time Colorful Confetti Toss Artwork Kids Sunglasses

The store has nearly 1200 products in some shade of orange with a variety of designs. If you see a design that isn't on a product you would like let me know. I can see how it would look and work with you. 

Please leave a comment with your feed back on the post, products or the color orange. I would love to hear from you. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

5 "We Moved" Physical Mailing Ideas Ready For Your Personalization

Is there a move in your future or have you recently moved?

I can say we've had a fair share of moves during our more than 22 year military careers. We didn't always have the luxury of picking a best time as may be the case with moves for job relocations.

The topic of moving always elicits the story of our move after I retired from the Army. We joke about looking like the preview of the "Beverly Hillbillies" CBS sitcom of the 60s and early 70s. It took all day to load up on a hot, miserably humid North Carolina day. We stayed overnight with our best friends before heading across country. We had filled the largest rental van available. The van was pulling a vehicle trailer with our Jeep which was filled with more items that you could see above window level all the way around.

Also on the trailer was a motorcycle set perpendicular behind the Jeep so at the very back was a green wooden outdoor loveseat rocking chair. I followed in our truck also filled to the brim with more "stuff" and our chocolate Lab. At one point along the route, the rocking chair, although well secured, started to rock like someone was on it. Was there?

There were times that the rental truck would only go 25 miles per hour up hills along the route. As my husband ignited the hazard lights so too did I to warn vehicles coming from behind. It was a LONG trip with quick gas and bathroom breaks and one short four hour stop in a rest area. We can now laugh as we relive it while reminiscing to others.

Whether it's a good time or an inopportune time most of us want to let others know the details of our new location such as the address and telephone numbers if there is a change to those.

Sure, you can use technology to let folks know your status updates but you don't have to go that route. You can send the notifications via the snail mail method. I have postcards featuring my photography and cards designed with a mix of art and photos that may suit your needs.

In my new store PaPr Emporium I focus on designing for paper products. I've enjoyed coming up with some unique designs for change of address postcards like the ones below. The cards are available in a matte or gloss finish. Some designs include matching return address labels too.

This first new address postcard features a rustic design of a building corner, stove, and red and blue Adirondack chairs. When you visit the link you'll see how easy it is to personalize the front and back, possibly add a personal written note and slap on postage to mail them out.
New Address Announcement Adirondack Chairs Porch Postcard
New Address Announcement Adirondack Chairs Porch Postcard

Some folks hold off on a move until the kids are out of school. It's a busy moving time but a lot less interruptive with school schedules and this fun floral design might work well for you. This colorful floral and purple door return address label which has a matching postcard design  might work well for the summer moves. Imagine how fun the return address label and postcard combination will look together when they reach recipients. You can also order the labels alone when you aren't moving because you can change or remove the template "We Moved" message. These return address labels come 30 per sheet. 
We Moved Announcement Purple Flowers Double Doors Label
We Moved Announcement Purple Flowers Double Doors Label

Here's another fun idea. I digitally altered my photograph of a cute vintage trailer for this postcard design. It's a humorous way to keep your postcard recipients guessing unless you made a tiny house move. Head to the link for this postcard to see what the postcard design back offers for you.

New Address Announcement Vintage Camping Trailer Postcard
New Address Announcement Vintage Camping Trailer Postcard

Like I previously mentioned, we moved enough times in the military so I had the cards ready to be mailed prior to our move. With all the unpacking and other details of a move, I was ready to drop the change of address cards into the mail and it was done. You can do that too with a colorful summery photography and digital art mix design like this one. 
Green Door Clouds Flowers We Moved Announcement Postcard
Green Door Clouds Flowers We Moved Announcement Postcard

September through April are the least busy months for moving. I would guess in areas where the weather isn't detrimental this is a good time to pack up and head out. The less harsh weather in the southwest might be conducive to those type moves. This colorful design is another mix of a door photograph and digital art extras. The southwestern style design with cactus and stucco walls is available in six door colors which you'll find in the Colorful New Address ~ We Moved Collection
Southwestern We Moved Announcement Doors Cactus Postcard
Southwestern We Moved Announcement Doors Cactus Postcard

Do you have a moving story that you tell to others?

I would love to hear your thoughts on using a postcard to make a moving / change of address announcement and on the designs you see here and at the change of address page link in the PaPr Emporium. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Creative Consideration to Customizing Zazzle Designed Business Cards

We want our business cards can make a good first impression. Trying a more creative idea, design, or  style may help with that impression. You can find business cards on Zazzle in a variety of shapes, sizes, corner styles, and paper types.

I'm always happy to catch the creativity in customizations that customers make to my designs. Keep in mind, Zazzle designers cannot see a customer's personal information but design changes such as paper type, shapes, and sizes are sometimes visible after a purchase.

My most recent example came from a customer in Australia who purchased business cards. A wise man for several reasons. He ordered these business cards during during one of Zazzle's many great discounts and checked how it looked on brown kraft paper style.

If you pop into Zazzle daily or are on the email list, you'll catch the nearly daily sales. It's pretty much a given that there is a general discount or one for specific products on a daily basis. Just like life, some days Zazzle coupon codes are much better than others.

I generally post my business card template designs on the square corner standard matte or standard semi-gloss papers to allow you to select a more expensive choice in your final decision.

In this post, I'm sharing how three business card designs look good on a paper described as Premium Kraft. The Zazzle business card paper thicknesses average from 16 point to 32 pt. This premium kraft paper style is 16 pt. It's a premium linen that features a soft textured crosshatch finish similar to fabric.

The Zazzle business cards come 100 per pack and there is no additional cost for double sided printing. Click the links below to see what these designs look on the original standard matte or semi-gloss I mentioned earlier or to see how some of the other paper options might work. Check out the look of the rounded corner option too.  You can find more than 190 template business card designs in TheAspenStand and another 20 plus in my newest store PaPr Emporium

I would love to read your thoughts on the designs, Premium Kraft paper, or Zazzle business cards in general. Let me know if you have any questions.