Thursday, December 26, 2019

Choosing One Word To Follow Throughout The New Year

As we head toward the close of a decade, I don't plan on making any resolutions for the New Year. Resolutions beg to be broken and usually are in my humble opinion. It makes one feel good when making it but bad when dropping or not being able to follow it. 

Instead, in 2020 I plan to do what I did several years ago so read on.

Back about five years ago I was following a blog where the writer proclaimed to select a word to follow each new year. I liked the idea and claimed the word "celebrate" that was easy to keep going the entire year.

As we head into a new decade, I decided to try it again and proclaim gratitude as my word for the year to start a new decade. I generally try to be grateful for something in each day but plan to write on a small slip of paper what I'm grateful for each day. I'll place all these slips into a gratitude jar. The slips and jar will allow me to later look through the year of notes as a reminder of all I can appreciate at the end of 2020. 

When I did this word selection years ago I recognized a pattern in my notes on what I was celebrating each day. The pattern showed a few materialistic celebrations and many more emotional celebrations. Happy to walk in the prairie on a clear day with the dogs; simply being out in fresh mountain air while I was working in the yard; stilling in the quiet wilderness listening to nature and so many more.

One celebration that I don't take for granted is being able to READ. It saddens me to know there are so many adults who are unable to do so. 

I even celebrated the fact when I recognized feeling too ill to participate in a fun day of activity with friends. I celebrated that because I had realized my limitations that day and how they might ruin fun for others. I stayed home and was happy for doing so.

I celebrated the work I can do on and around our house without calling an expert. I do consider those materialistic since it relates to the house BUT I have to say anyone who does own their home and can share their home with others is worth a day of celebration.  

There are some that are as simple as watching the moon disappear over the horizon in a dark morning sky and absorbing the warmth of the colors of a sunrise. I drove out to the open prairie one morning to share that with the dogs and we all had a great time.

Looking back on all those I can see them falling into this coming year's gratitude word of the day. 

As I go through 2020 considering what I'm grateful for each day, I hope you too have a theme that keeps you motivated and on track. 

Do you sit quietly at the end of the day to reflect on anything in particular?

Let me know your thoughts on the post and I'd love to have you share your comments.

Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to what 2020 brings. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

5+ Ways To Show and Share Your Gratitude

It happens everyday, every minute.

Someone shares appreciation with a thank you. 

Most people will admit that they've thanked others for something with a compliment or a business deal. 

We meet people in real life and through social media that we appreciate so much and want them to know how much.

Gratitude is a constant on my mind so I decided to add a post after participating in a recent DigiBlogChat on Twitter about Gratitude Marketing. Carol Stephen (@Carol_Stephen) and Larry Mount (@lazblaster) run the chat every Tuesday. I'm always excited when I'm able to take part and generally learn something new besides meeting interesting people.

Carol wrote a blog post "How to Use Gratitude to Empower Your Social Media Campaign" that some of you might also find helpful.

Carol's post made me think of all my product designs in both Zazzle stores that would make great employee gifts or for volunteers.

I wrote a post some time ago and updated it sharing A Unique Way To Say Thank  but it never hurts to remind everyone how thank you are of them or what they are doing so here's a new post.

I really like the idea that this colorful multilingual thank you typography word cloud design could be used on a wide variety of products which you'll find in TheAspenStand. Here you see business ties in the three color combinations.

You can always say thanks with humor like a greeting or note sized card. On this funny cat card you can personalize the cover and inside template text. Leave the inside blank for a special handwritten note or write on the blank left side of the inside.

Humorous Thank You So Much Siamese Kitten Photo

You can find "Thank You" stickers in a variety of shapes to add to mail, favor bags, notes, and other items. In TheAspenStand store, you'll find the three color selection word cloud like this turquoise and blue heart shaped sticker. Each sheet holds 20 1.5" sized stickers.

Blue / Turquoise Multilingual Thank You Word Cloud Heart Sticker

Blue / Turquoise Multilingual Thank You Word Cloud Heart Sticker

"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
     ~ Marcel Proust

You can also find six different sticker designs in my Papr Emporium store like this simple broken purple wreath around a matching color typography thank you message.

Thank You Typography Chic Purple Leaf Wreath Classic Round Sticker

Thank You Typography Chic Purple Leaf Wreath Classic Round Sticker

You can always present a reminder of the appreciation with a gift like this shot glass. Fill a mesh bag with something sweet and a thank you note as an added item.

A Shot To Gratitude Gold Glitter Typography Shot Glass

A Shot To Gratitude Gold Glitter Typography Shot Glass

What are some ways to show gratitude?

Thanks for stopping by to check out ways to offer gratitude. Leave a comment about the post. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

6+ Ideas for a Warm Welcome Inside or Outside

Do you like to have a welcoming message at your front door? If you would like a change from a plain old rubber mat, I've got some ideas for you from both my stores.

You might also find a few gift ideas for holidays or housewarmings with designs from both stores.

I can attest to these door mats lasting well. I purchased one several years ago and it still looks new. We have four seasons so it's seen mud, snow and lots of simply wet shoes. These are so nice that you can use this them inside at any door or outside. If you do use it outside the recommendation is that it's in a covered outdoor area so it's not directly in the weather.

"The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it."  
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some designs are available in two sizes 18" x 24" and 24" x 36" because the design transfers well from one size to the other. On other designs you'll see it may only be available in one size. The mats are 1/8" smooth fleece with a white edge binding on the bottom. It has a sturdy latex backing for a non-slip grip.

You'll find a variety of designs in both stores. Since I feature a large number of animal designed products, I'd be remiss if I didn't share my most popular of all designs which is the handsome chocolate Labrador Retriever.
labrador, retriever, door mat, doormat, dog, welcome, animals, gift, housewarming,

You don't have to live in the southwest to love the styles. Here's the popular design in my PaPr Emporium store where you'll find similar designs with different color doors. On this 18" x 24" design you can change the "Wecome" to different text or remove it completely.

welcome, door mat, doormat, southwestern, cactus, gift, housewarming,
Southwestern Arched Red Doors Saguaro Cactus Doormat

You might like the simplicity of a name and design like one of these two. You'll find a variety like this style in TheAspenStand store.
door mat, gift, doormat, flourishes, Welcome, rustic,

strawberry, personalized, doormat, door mat, custom,rustic, welcome, housewarming, gift

Rustic Black Strawberry Custom Name Welcoming Doormat

There's also some nature photography that would look good inside or outside of a door.

rustic, nature, leaf, autumn, fall, welcome, housewarming, gift

Rustic Fall Aspen Leaf Close-up Photograph Doormat

And it can't hurt of have a little humor at the entryway with a fun photo design like this. 

welcome, doormat, humorous, funny, weeds, housewarming, bricks, photography,

WELCOME Humorous Weeds In WalkwayPaving Stones Doormat

Thanks for checking out the post and leave a comment to let me know what you think of the designs.