Wednesday, September 25, 2019

How About An Assist With Class Reunion Planning?

Are you a member of the class reunion planning committee or taking care of it all on your own?

Either way, you will be searching for planning and preparation ideas and I have some template ideas that might help you out. In my newest store PaPr Emporium, I've created a collection with recommendations for the event planner(s).

You should find this Minimalist Class Reunion Collection to be helpful with some or all of your needs. There is a dominant black and white theme but I've also added some colorful additions to products for the actual event. You will find save the date products along with easy to complete template invitations as shown below for the pre event needs. 

Minimalist Class Reunion Collection

Minimalist Class Reunion Collection

The popularity of the products in this collection are shared in two reviews by customers Lori and Karen. 

When you get into the collection you'll find colorful customizable stickers to seal the envelopes when sending out the invitations or use them on favor bags at the event.  

reunion, class, high school, college, graduate, minimalist, black and white, event planner,

And the colorful paper label name tags are simple to customize so no one is embarrassed by not remembering a name at the gathering. 
reunion, class, paper labels, name tags, stickers, graduate, event planning
You'll also find colorful keepsake gift ideas such as drink ware and these fun can coolers

If you are the planner head to the collection link to see how the products can help your planning or pass the link to a friend who is working on the project. 

Thank you for checking out the post and for leaving a comment to let me know what products you might add to this collection.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

5 Welcoming Ideas for Visitors Using Your Guest Bedroom

Do you want to welcome your guests with special treatment?  It is really easy with some of the ideas in this post. 

Summer is a busy travel time where we all have visitors. But that's not saying holidays aren't also a busy time with guests enjoying your company. So let's get ready and be ahead of the holiday rush. 

A nice welcoming message and other simple things make the room feel comfortable and help vanquish that "away from home feeling." You can share what you'd find in a bed and breakfast or Airbnb like maps, local attraction brochures and other helpful reading tidbits. 

Along with that simple room addition, I've seen a number of ideas and thought of a few more so let me share them with you. 

Simple Flower Vase

No matter who visits, a flower or a flower and greenery in a bud vase would be a nice touch of color unless you know the visitor has allergies. In that case find a nice artificial substitute. 

Favorite Snack

It will be a nice welcome to have the guest room set up when your visitors move their bags in. If you know of a favorite sweet treat, tea leaf blend, or other comforting idea leave that on the pillow(s) even if arrival is early in the day. You can even have your very own personalized favor bags for the treats. A great idea for a bed and breakfast or Airbnb.

favor bag, paper bag, gift bag, custom name, personalized,


If you have a tray or small cooler place a water bottle, favorite beverage, or maybe your specialty homemade beverage for each visitor. Consider having a reusable water bottle with a local tourist attraction or a custom bottle with a fictional name for your guest bedroom. This custom flask filled with a special delight is a nice idea that you can even offer as a gift for your visitors. 

Electronics Charging Station

You know after a long travel day or sightseeing we are not only looking to recharge ourselves but also our electronics. Wouldn't it be nice to have a charging station set up for your guests. How about something welcoming like these personalized chargers? This customized ChargeHub™ device offers a 7-port USB accommodation. It's simple to personalize for your special room. I've made this charger design in three colors

electronics, charger, ChargeHub, guest bedroom, welcome

Internet Wifi Details

Now that your guests are all settled into their guest room you know they are going to be checking those electronic devices. Rather than continually providing the internet information have a nice art or photo display on the wall, desktop or on the nightstand with all the details they'll need. 

If you change your internet or wifi information often, leave the password and internet name off when personalizing the artwork. When you frame the artwork, you can write the information on the glass in marker. When it's time to change the information simply wipe with rubbing alcohol or hand disinfectant if you used permanent marker. Easy!

guest room, guest bedroom, welcome, internet, wifi, information

Do you have a room ready for you overnight visitors? I'd love to read any of your ideas so leave a comment. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

"Orange" You Glad I Can Help With Finding Special Gift Ideas

What does the color orange do for you?

My question is based on one particular phone case design that has sold on a variety of Apple and Samsung phone styles. The sale of that particular design made me wonder about the color orange. I thought it was popular because it is a close-up photograph of Tulips and flowers are popular on designs.

I then considered the effects of colors and did some reading. According to a variety of information I found on color psychology and meaning, the color orange is considered to be uplifting and to bring happiness. It helps us look on the upside of things even when a situation isn't so upbeat.

Considered a color of adventure and social communication, I went through some of my nearly 1200 shades of orange designs so look for that. So here are just a few if you have a quest to emit the happy, adventurous, social communicator.

As I mentioned, flowers are always a popular subject so I couldn't write this post without offering at least one floral design other than the yellowed tipped orange Tulip phone case which recently sold for an Apple style phone. So here is a Tiger Lily square throw pillow design with the flowers and text on both sides of the pillow. A great design for adding color to any room. At the Tiger Lily link in TheAspenStand you'll find several versions of this floral pillow and other products including cards and jigsaw puzzles.

Tiger Lily Close-Up Photograph and Typography Throw Pillow

You won't find too many people who don't love a good treat of chocolate. This multilingual thank you design on the cover offers a treat inside. You can order the 45-piece assortment as shown below or you can order a 2 pound block of dark or light chocolate. There are different messages offered on the chocolate so be sure to select the appropriate one for you. You'll find a variety of products features this purple and orange thank you typography design in the store. 

Thoughtful Multilingual Thank You Typography 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates

Thoughtful Multilingual Thank You Typography 45 Piece Box Of Chocolates

Zazzle offers a variety of notebooks. This particular 8.5" square notebook allows you to select a particular paper design inside from eight total layouts. The same design is on the front and back and the text is a template that you can change on both sides. You can then select a totally different style inside too so it doesn't have to only be for recipes. 

Oranges and Lime Close-Up Photograph Notebook

Oranges and Lime Close-Up Photograph Notebook

Keep the kids clean during fun times for kids at home, in preschool, daycare or even kindergarten with cute custom aprons. Both text elements are templates for you to personalize. The aprons are available in three colors too.  

Custom Daycare Fun Orange Scrap Paper Pins Art Kids' Apron

Custom Daycare Fun Orange Scrap Paper Pins Art Kids' Apron

Spice up the fun at a kids party with colorful sunglass frames. I added my colorful confetti toss artwork to the lenses which have a scratch resistant, waterproof, pinhole vinyl. The frames are available in three styles and nine colors.

Party Time Colorful Confetti Toss Artwork Kids Sunglasses

Party Time Colorful Confetti Toss Artwork Kids Sunglasses

The store has nearly 1200 products in some shade of orange with a variety of designs. If you see a design that isn't on a product you would like let me know. I can see how it would look and work with you. 

Please leave a comment with your feed back on the post, products or the color orange. I would love to hear from you.