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Welcome to the "About" page for an introduction to TheAspenStand blog and the mind behind it all ~ Patricia AZ Phillips.

About Patricia

Patricia is a retired Army veteran who has enjoyed several business and employment challenges as an independent contractor following her 22 year military career. She has long been interested in creative photography as part of her military career was in public affairs. On her personal time, she dabbled in photography on and off but pretty much dropped the camera for more than 11 years.

One business trip rekindled her photography bug.  As it turned out, a particular selection of the photographs she took during that trip sat in her camera for some time. The images are now top sellers on products at her store TheAspenStand at the Print on Demand Company Zazzle.

About TheAspenStand Store on Zazzle

Maine Coon Cat Close Up Photograph Stamp
Maine Coon Cat Stamp
After settling into northern Arizona on what Patricia calls their final move, she found an online site called Zazzle that allowed her to use a photograph of their beautiful Maine Coon cat Lugnut on a postage stamp.  At that time, she didn't realize she could open a Zazzle store and sell her photography and artwork from there. In the meantime, Patricia had begun adding her photography and fractal art to stock photography sites such as ShutterStock and iStockphoto forgetting about the postage stamps. Advance some 3+ years to May 2009 and she read in a stock photography forum that Zazzle allowed work to be sold on products the print on demand (POD) company provided. Stock photography was not what she expected and the thrill had been waning for some time. Patricia saw the opportunity with Zazzle to use her photography and digital artwork as a better match. She could add her designs to products that she felt worked well with the designs. 

The store filled slowly as she learned from mistakes.  She is able to manipulate her work as she sees fit in order to offer customizable photography and unique digital and fractal art designs on a range of products for home and gifts, business accessories, electronics cases and sleeves, paper products and much more. Her goal is to allow customization on the majority of her products. If the product isn't a template offering personalization, it's easily accessible by using the Customize it! button on the product page. 

Mission of TheAspenStand Store on Zazzle  
  • To provide customizable and ready to buy unique photography and digital artwork designs on a wide variety of available Zazzle products.
  • To share photography and digital art so that others can enjoy it as much as those people close to her. 
  • To not leave all my photographs and digital artwork in dated digital manilla folders on multiple computer drives.
All photography and digital artwork designs are products of this sole independent contractor, Patricia AZ Phillips, who uses the Print On Demand company Zazzle of San Francisco, CA to produce, ship and handle customer service issues for all purchases.

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