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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Many Edits Later ~ The Brush Stroke Heart Design

How many of you have started a project that morphed into something totally different?

This card heart design was one of those projects for me. I had bought a heart shaped puzzle with plans to use the pieces for a photo project. I worked on that project but wasn't getting what I had originally envisioned. 

I decided to use the completed heart shaped puzzle as a template for a heart shape using a dry brush. I made several attempts with different brushes but wasn't happy with any. I made one last try on a different type of paper to get what I wanted. After photographing it I started working on a design for Valentine's Day cards as seen below.

Since I've made these eight greeting cards designs as templates, it is easy to change the names and event as you can see how I did below. 

Easily Change Template Text

I have ordered at least 100 cards from Zazzle in the greeting and note card sizes. The print quality is excellent and I love that they are personalized for each recipient. Just click the image and visit the link to see your eight options with this ragged heart outline design. Get a head start on Valentine's Day or personalize it for a special occasion. 

How do you personalize cards? 

If you have any questions on this card please leave a comment. Thanks. 

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