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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To Show Your Gratitude In A Variety of Ways

Updated 6/21/2017

Multilingual Thank You
What a great time to check out my collection of multilingual Thank You designed products as I begin adding a new blue color combination to the collection.

Anyone can carry gratitude throughout the year with one of these products. And you can surprise someone with a unique multilingual Thank You gift for a well deserving recipient.

This word cloud design includes thank you in several languages such as German, French and Japanese. The words are also found in a variety of typefaces and sizes. If you don't like the white background you can change it. Simply go into the Customize mode on the product page to change the background to a preferred color. You see in the product collage to the right that the background color is gray for the throw pillow.

On some of the products such as the bags, sleeves and folio you can select trim and interior colors other than what I've chosen. 

In a previous post, A Unique Way to Say Thank You ... I share uses, other than Christmas, for the double sided ceramic ornaments that are available with this bold word cloud design. The ornaments are available in different styles. These can be a great idea for showing employees your gratitude especially with the multilingual design for  global economy business environments. 

The Thank You Gift Collection has been growing since I initially started it. There are now more than more than 100 products including greeting cards, stickers, household goods, electronics cases and more. Some of the popular sellers have been ceramic mugs and other drinkware which is available in a variety of styles and sizes. 

I recently added the design to a Zazzle Heart Leather tote bag shown below. These are a special Zazzle product that are handmade in Kenya for Zazzle. 

Multilingual Thank You Word Cloud Tote

Visit the link to see what might fit your gifting needs for the year, order now or bookmark the link for later so that's one less gift idea to hunt down. 

If you would like this design on a product that isn't currently available, please let me know and I'll be happy to work with you. 

Don't forget to follow TheAspenStand on Google Plus where I post daily to keep you updated on what's new, what you might have missed and sale information.

What color combination would you have made the fonts on this word collage?

What color would you select for the background if you were to change it? 

I appreciate any feedback so please leave your comments below. Thank you.

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